Bitecushion "Mix"

Bitecushion 4 in 1 :

  • can be used lefthanded
  • can be used righthanded
  • can be taken with the 2 grips
  • can be taken with the middle handle

For as wel left- as righthanded helpers. Ideal to let the dog bite at the right side as well. Lots of dogs don't have experience with this and this results in problems on right handed helpers. Ideal sharp and long bitebar for a full and powerfull grip. By taking the bitecushion with the middle handle, it is possible to bring the dog into the "pull"position, which makes the dog win and get stronger. Hereafter it can be easily worn around as a prey. The bitecushion is easy to keep in balance, because it is a compact piece. Can also be used for the sending away or the "voraus", here you can put the bitepiece straight. Is Also easy to us training service dogs because it is a small and compact bitepiece, easy to put away. With cover that can simply be replaced. First cover is delivered with the bitepiece.

Bitecushion MIX

  • Brand: Euro Joe
  • Product Code: Bitecushion MIX
  • Availability: 2-3 Days
  • £90.00

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