Bite sleeve - Double max

The "Max" sleeve is a very good bite sleeve that the dog can easily carry around. But now it has improved: an extra handleensures that the helper can easily handle the sleeves. Because it’s a compact sleeve, he can take good care of the dog bite. The helper can hold the "Double Max" sleeve alongside, to keep the dog from placing his paws on the helper. In addition, the dog can come in faster because  there can be worked sideways. The dog will be less inhibited and will have an easier approach. It can also be used in flight exercise making it easy for the dog to turn around in this exercise. This sleeve can be used, besides the regular use as an ordinary "Max" sleeve, also in various other ways.
We have this sleeves in a soft and a hard version. The difference between "Double Max" sleeve hard and soft is identified by a stamp with an H for hard and Z for soft. 

The covers can be replaced and you can choose between hard or soft covers. The hard have a red handle, the soft have a blue one. 

Briefly, the double max is a great innovation in the dog sport and indispensable for those who do protection work.
The double max is supplied WITH COVER

Double Max Half Sleeve

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