Leg Sleeve No5 

Extra heavy legsleeve nr. 5 nylcot with velcro 

The legsleeve nr. 5 is an extra heavy legsleeve suitable for heavy biters. The heavy padding of this legsleeve or jambière catches the full, heavy grips of the adult, well trained dogs.

Because of the fact that the legsleeve is opening in the back by the velcro, this legsleeve or jambère can be given along with the dog as a “prey”, as a reward. This will make the dog more selfsecure and will make him do the exercise even more and better!
Suitable for the training of Belgian ringmondioring, KNPV, NVBK, campagne, PSA, police dogs, K9 dogs, military dogs and security dogs.
The legsleeve with the red ribbon.
With velcro.

CAUTION : Colors may vary from the colors of the products on the pictures !

Leg Sleeves No5

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