• Firepaw Economy Dog Treadmills

Firepaw Economy Dog Treadmill  presents classic(old school) approach in dog treadmills making that combines fast bearings and plastic main wheels with a number of extras making it easier and safer to use. Very good for training all type of dogs in stamina, power endurance and muscle gain.

Small size (SBT and smaller dogs) – £660
Medium size (APBT, ACT…) – £744
Large size (GSD, Doberman) – £924

We are able to make custom size if regular sizes doesn’t fit the best way.

    • Custom color – included
    • Anti-vibration system-included
    • Detachable sides
    • Adjustable dog fixing bars
    • Mobile back legs wheels and handles – included
    • Adjustable front legs to simulate slope (3 levels) – £36
    • Speed computer – £30
    • Plastic sides – £50
    • Custom stickers – £20

      Carriage £110

      Please Note these are not a stock item . and will require full spec required to order  

Firepaw Economy Dog Treadmills

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