Is used in the training of the IPO-programm or GHP programma, Schutzhund programm, also for training of police dogs, intervention dogs and other K9's.

In a suitable location six blinds are to be set-up along the length of the field, in a staggered fashion, three on each side (see sketch). Necessary markings must be clearly visible for the handler, the judge and the helper.

The helper must be equipped with a protection suit, sleeve and soft-stick. The sleeve must be equipped with a bite-bar and the sleeve-cover must be made from burlap (jute) in a natural color. If it is necessary for the helper to keep a close eye on the dog during the guarding phase, the helper is not required to stand still, though he is not permitted to make any threatening or defensive movements. The helper must protect his body with the sleeve.

Description of the exercise: The helper is located in the last blind, out of the dog's sight. The handler positions him/herself with his/her dog in front of the first blind so that six side-sweeps are possible. On the judge's signal phase C begins. After the handler gives a brief verbal command "revier/search" in conjunction with a visual command, which is executed with either the right or left arm and may be repeated, the dog must quickly leave the handler and approach the prescribed blind purposefully and run around it closely and attentively. As soon as the dog has searched a blind, the handler gives the dog the verbal command "hier/come" and sends the dog while he/she is in motion, by using the verbal command "revier/search" into the next blind. The handler is moving at a normal pace down an imaginary middle line. The handler is not permitted to leave this imaginary line during the search for the helper. The dog must be in front of the handler at all times. When the dog reaches the helper-blind the handler is required to stand still. At this point no further verbal commands are permitted.

The dog must confront the helper actively and attentively and bark continuously. The dog is not permitted to jump on or grip the helper. After the dog has barked for about 20 seconds, upon a signal from the judge, the handler approaches the blind and assumes position about 5 paces away from the blind. On the judge's signal, the handler calls his/her dog out of the blind into a basic position.

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